I'm back!

I cannot believe I've neglected my blog for this long! Well I'm back now. I'm going to be blogging about my journey as a journalism student. It's my final year so it's getting so real now! I'll be blogging about my course, my editorial experience and aspects of journalism that I like such as fashion, music, culture and many more.

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I was so excited to get away from uni for a while as I've missed home so much but to be honest, I haven't been home much all I've been doing is working at my retail job.

Here's what I wore on Christmas day. I didn't wear these boots all day lol! although they're easy to walk in. I got these as a Christmas present and I was so happy as I wanted them for the longest! They're a bit intimidating... I kind of felt like Shirely from Eastenders.. talking about Eastenders. How poor was the Christmas special. Never been so disappointed. Anyways back to the shoes, whenever I wear them I'm going to have to dress moderately or I'll look like a slapper ha! I love them so much! They've go into the sale for £14! (link here)

I'm hoping I stick to blogging this time! no disappearing acts.

Top - eBay // Skirt - New Look // Boots - New Look// Cape - Matalan // Watch - Casio

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