Big Boobs Problems

So yesterday I went into Gilly Hicks (I really shouldn't have as the workers there make you feel very poo). Gilly Hicks is from the Abercrombie & Fitch family, they sell underwear. So it wasn't a surprise that the biggest size they stocked was a 36D as their CEO Mike Jeffries says they don't cater to "fat people". Anyways this is not an A&F rant, it's the annoyance of having big boobs. I find that if you have larger breasts it's so hard to find cute bras which are reasonably priced. It was annoying as well because the Gilly Hicks bras were on sale :(. It also grinds my gears when I think I've hit the jackpot; a cute bra in my size :) then I found out it's padded!

Also why is it when girls with a smaller chest wear a bandeu or outerwear bras they look cute and even classy but if us big chested girls attempt this we look like we are not fully dressed yet :( sucks.

Imagine this - You've slept pass your alarm clock and you have to run for your bus! All your fellow classmates are on the bus and have a great view of you running for the bus... holding your boobs. I always feel like if I don't hold them they will fall off lol!

Here are some everyday struggles us big chested ladies have to deal with:
pictures via rampaige

Let me not be all negative there are positives to having big boobs :)

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