Photo Diary | Issue 7

Hey guys! I'm just chilling in my room wishing I had a fan lol! Currently melting. I'm going to share with you my Photo Diary for this week! before I do, I just wanna thank Jillian from jilliansmetime and Melissa from blissandbirds for nominating for The Liebster Award.
Check out their blogs guys! they're awesome :)

1)I saw Frank Ocean live on Wednesday. He was incredible!
2)I know I've said this before but I still can't believe my prom was 3 years ago!
3)Selfie just before I went to see Frank :) I'm wearing my yellow thrifted shirt
4)Who rememebers Ivy from 90210? coolest chick ever
5)I am obsessed with Adventure Time! it is such a weird show
6)I said on tuesday's post that this was the most unhealiest salad ever haha
7)Love this saying
8)I shared in my Photo Diary | Issue 4 that I love the Doritos Mariatchi band and I saw them live @ Wireless TWICE haha
9)I went Wireless festival Friday and Saturday! I had such a good weekend

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