Photo Diary | Issue 6

Hey guys! I'm going to share with you my Photo Diary for this week! I cannot believe the British weather is still so good :). Not a cloud in sight! I'm currently in my garden typing this up, such a lovely day. I just watched Andy Murray win his first Wimbledon title! which is pretty amazing. I was also stalking celebs during the game lol, I caught Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler taking selfies haha!

1)I mentioned in my June Favs - Music, that I saw Odd Future live this monday
and they were amazing!. Blog post coming soon on it!;D
2)Wish I was rich! I don't want to work waaaaaaahh lol
3)I fit into my baby brothers shoes! winning
4)This Bomber jacket features in my last post. I NEED IT haha
5)Guys I used to be obsessed with The Jonas Brothers! Like belieber obsessed.
6)Can't stop listening to Frank Ocean! seeing him next Wednesday and Friday!
7)I can't believe my prom was 3 years ago! I'm getting old
8)Trying on things in my mums wardrobe from the 90's. Check out the shoulder pads!
9)Painted my nails and I feel girly! :D Bold Blue by MUA (only £1!)
can you stop essiebutton in the background?

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