OOTD - Clubbing

Dress - Topshop // Shoes - Boohoo // Ring - New Look // Earrings - Primark // Bag - Charity Shop

Good morning everyone :) I went clubbing yesterday and I hate clubbing. I even made a post about it - here. BUT it was one of my closest friends birthday so I had to be there. I had such a good time though! I bought this dress from Topshop about 38 weeks ago (had to look through my Instagram photos to find that out haha). The dress is so tight. I'm not breathing! I'm joking lol xD. I didn't feel the need to wear accessories with it because the dress is so sparkly and I'm finally wearing my Demi Wedge Cut Out Boots from BooHoo. I got these wayyy back in April. They were pretty comfy to walk in for the night! I took sandals with me anyways ;)
Also I tried to follow Tanya Burr's "Easy Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial" but I end up looking like I've been in a fight haha! I really want to get better at Makeup. I cant put on false lashes to save my life! I've probably seen every tutorial on how to apply them :(

Here's a few pictures from yesterday night! we somehow took 281 pictures LOL!

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