June Favs

I got these sandals from primark for £12, I bought similar ones from ASOS a few years ago which I'm selling on eBay as they are too big for me :(. The Primark ones fit perfectly and what I love is they don't even look like they are from Primark. They also come in black, I might go back for the black ones actually. I think I got the ASOS ones for £25.00! so the Primark ones are definitely a bargain.

I got these weird sunglasses from Primark too! I can't even describe these lol, thank God for pictures. I was attracted by the gold brow bit, it reminds me of the Ray Ban Clubmaster. These were only £2.50 and they actually protect you from uv rays! I know a few people who say that Primark sunglasses won't protect your eyes from uv rays but it's got the little sticker on it. Unless they're lying haha.

(Can see my fringe flying in the air in the sunglasses reflection lol?!)

So I restocked on my Mac Concealer Pro Longwear but because I haven't used it in 6 months so it broke me out like a bitch! I had to up my game in the skin care department. So I got these two products from Superdrug that never let me down. I use the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser (£3.49) with some cotton wool face pads on my spotty areas and my face always feels clear afterwards. The Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub (£3.99) is probably the best scrub I've used. I love how the micro beads feel against my skin. I wanted to try the Neutrogena Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub but knowing what my skin is like I will probably break out again. My skin is über sensitive. I use these products like twice a week. I should use it more but I'm lazy lol and I always forget.

My mum gave me this scarf when I was sixteen, she got it when she was young. I've only started using it recently as a headscarf. Oh my god guys, taking pictures of my scarf was difficult! It made me realise how hard it is to take photos. The wind was blowing vigorously and the lighting inside my house is poor. I thought to myself how do bloggers do this haha?! luckily the wind calmed down, the way I ran for my camera haha. I actually enjoy taking these photos today.

Everyone seems to be going on about the Topshop Joni Jeans, they are the dupes of the American Apparel Easy Jeans. They're like jeggings which is great because I hate wearing jeans espeically for long periods of time. AND they're super high waisted! like pass my belly button. cray! I got them for £32.40 (10% off student discount). I went pass Primark yesterday and they're doing it now in blue and black! lol I knew they would. Hopefully they do it in white and the pale pink colour which is so lush!!! I really hope Primark do Topshop MOM Jeans too haha. Sorry I havent got more /clear images of the jeans. I worn them the night before and they so dirty lol!

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