June Favs - Music

Heyyyy guys :) I thought I'd write a post before I pop to the post office as I've sold most of my items on eBay!
Good times. I thought I'd share with you my music favs from June.
Before I do I just want to give a shout out to Amy from little-heart-shaped-box who nominated me for
the Liebster Award but I've just done a Liebster Award post on Wednesday!
I still appreciate you tagging me. Thank you Amy :)
Everyone check out Amy's blog - little-heart-shaped-box, it's awesome!

Ok, so here are my June Music favourites :)

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

This video has been pretty controversial as you can see lol. I love Miley Cryus and her new ratchet self lol!
It seems like she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her! I wish I was more like that.
This song just makes me want to go out!

Bruno Mars - Treasure

I LOVE THIS SONG! whenever it comes on at work someone knows to turn it up.
(sorry for the caps lock haha)

J Cole - Villuminati

This was the first song I heard from J cole's new album Born Sinner and
I just knew that this is going to be a sick album (and it is!)
There has been much debate as to whose album is better between J cole or Kanye
(as they both released on the same day)
I prefer J cole's although Yeezus does have a few good songs.

Lawson ft Bob - Broken Hearted

I don't actually know if I have added this song here because
I think the leader of Lawson is mega hot lol!
but I've been replaying this song a lot !

Antenna - Fuse

This song reminds me of my university nightlife so much.
I miss it dearly. This song always puts me in a good mood
and how funny and creative is this video?!

Jason Derulo - The Other Side

I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I LOVE this song.
They play it work a lot so I have to listen to it (my excuse) haha.
But no it's really good!

Crazy Town - Butterfly

WHO REMEMBERS THIS SONG? it's a throwback! but I've got this song on replay
I love rap rock so much. I heard it a few weeks ago and I used Shazam to find it.
Thank God for Shazam otherwise I will be typing all the lyrics I remember into google lol.

Tyler The Creator - Tamale (Live London The Forum 1/7/13)

So on Monday, my brother and I went to see Odd Future live!
which was VERY different from any gig I've been to.
I'm going to write a post about it maybe next week :). It was awesome though.
In this video Tyler tells the crowd to be quiet during Tamale until the beat drops
which is pretty hard if you've heard the song you can't just sit still!

What songs have you been loving lately? I'm always open to new songs :)

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