I'm pretty sure when you were a pre-teen or even younger you wore a SKORT! For those who don't know, a skort is a mix of a skirt and short. They're mostly worn by female tennis players to give a feminine twist on shorts. I have seen them about a lot lately and I couldn't turn a blind eye. I think they might on their way back! Zara have their rendition... the asymmetric wrap skort(link) which everyone seems to be wearing at the moment. I think they may have sold out too, woah!
There's already a dupe of the Zara skorts on eBay for £3.99!

Here are some of my favourite ways skort have been styled.

Kavita from shewearsfashion - Skort from Zara


Tricia G. from blog.triciagosingtian - Skort from Apartment8Clothing

I wonder if other verisons of skorts will come to light soon, like this one on
eBay. It's pretty cute.

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