OOTD - boohoo Maxi Dress

So I was ready to do my first outfit of the day and the person who was suppose to be taking my photos
(my 12 year old brother lol) fell asleep. I didn't want to wake him seeing as he still has school.
So I just took some snaps on my new camera! Thanks for your advice guys I went with the Canon 600d :)
I've ordered a tripod so I'll probably do post of me wearing this outfit. It looks wayyy better on!

I got this Laddered Back Scoop Maxi dress from Boohoo (which is now on sale for £8).
I love it because it's different from your average maxi!

This is what I wore it with:

Maxi Dress - Boohoo // Plaid Shirt - Primark (similar here) // Casio Watch - Asos // Shoes - Converse

(BTW - The maxi is shown backwards! The front is not laddered haha.
I just wanted to show the back off.)

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