Hey Macklemore, Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

I've been watching a lot of thefashioncitizen and these girls do a whole lot of thrift shopping so I thought I'd do the same. So today I went charity shopping for the first time ever. I was a bit nervous lol but I found some really good stuff! I'm planning on going back pretty soon.

I've volunteered at a charity shop, Barnardos, last year and that is how I realised people donate all sorts including designer stuff! I remember sorting out the clothes in the stock room and putting a £3.20 sticker on a Calvin Kelvin t-shirt, A M A Z I N G.

So here's my charity shop haul! Now Macklemore - Thift shop makes so much sense to me lol.

Firstly, I went to St Lukes Hospice. I spotted this floral print crop top from Topshop which would be around £26-£34 but this was £1.50. I couldn't believe my eyes!

I found this suede flowery blazer for £3.25. I wish I have a better camera to show the detail. It's beautiful.

I went to the men's section and found this granddad jumper for £2.50!

I wanted a jumper like this from Topman which were around £34-£45 but this was £3.00!

yup! 50p! I couldn't say no to this gold bracelet.

I also got High School Musical 3 on DVD for £1.00 because despite seeing it three times in cinema I can't remember how it goes! Then I went to the British Heart foundation, which was round the corner. They charged a bit more compared to the first shop but it's all totally cheaper than high street shops so it's all good.

I LOVE THIS! It's really long, it goes pass my knees. I'm going to wear it as a Kimono, since that's quite trendy at the moment. The one I wanted from Missguided sold out and the ASOS ones are too expensive! This was £4.99 and it's from Monsoon.

I wanted this similar box clutch from New Look for £12.99 but it sold out. This was £4.99

This blouse reminds me of Summer Heights High haha. There was so many pastel colours to choose from but I got this yellow one. It's quite big on me but I'm going to make it work. It was only £3.30
THE GRAND TOTAL: £25.03 for 9 items. cray!
Now I'm going to wash them all lol! (expect for the DVD and accessories ) ;D

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