Grandma Vic

My friend and I were just talking about all the things we despised about clubbing and drinking.
So I thought I'd blog about it.

1)One time I got VERY drunk and I woke up thinking "what happened last night?" which has never happened to me before.
I don't understand when people say "Ah mate, I don't remember what happened last night! it must have been an sick night" right really.
that makes sense. I was freaking out trying to remember! tears occurred. lol.
My flatmate informed that I was trying to wear a black bag as trousers. Good Lord.

2)Every time I go out someone ends up farting on the dance floor. Party poopers.

3)HEELS! when Jessie J sang "your heels so high. That you can't even have a good time" oh I felt that so much.
I love heels don't get me wrong but after a few hours I'm wishing I could bust out my fluffy slippers.
4)People who wear sunglasses in a nightclub... RIGHT

5)This situation.

yes ├╝ber awkward.

6)Annoying boys who don't understand what no means.
The "I have a boyfriend" line is too over-used and doesn't work any more.
So one time, I set my screen saver as Tinie Tempah for the night and told boys that he is my BF,
which didn't work as they couldn't hear me haha :(.

7)I think it might be the grandma in me but sometimes when I'm out I'm wishing I was in bed watching New Girl
but I don't feel to bad about that as my girl crush, Jennifer Lawrence said "Every time I'm out, I think about my couch"

8) Champagne Showers. It just seems very pointless to me.

9)That feeling of panic when you get tagged in photos from the night before.
I woke up to this. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY HANDS? Luckily my face isn't in it.

10)When songs like Next Hype play and all the boys testosterone kicks in and they start a mosh pit.

Guys I could go on and on! lol. I hope I haven't put anyone off clubbing haha.
I do like clubbing and drinking but only occasionally. I hope no one is offended, hopefully this has come across humorous.

What puts you off clubbing or drinking? Let me know :)

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