I'm in a foul mood so I thought I'd release my negativity on the inter-web. So I'm going to do the '10 THINGS I DISLIKE' tag.

1)When I get on the bus and all seats are filled up apart from the priority seats. THIS angers me because I don't know whether to sit down, especially when I have lots of shopping bags with me. And when I do sit down people look at me weird like "does she know those are priority seats?" I feel to reply saying "yes I'm aware bitch" that would be freaky, they would think that I'm reading their mind. Anyway It's also annoying when I stand throughout the whole journey and no one claims the priority seats.

2)When I'm back home at Essex. My family really think that I am their slave. Last half term I went home and on the first day my dad says "Can you wash the dishes Victoria?" I normally reply "WTF HOMIE? I DIDN'T EVEN USE ANY OF THIS!" in my head.

3)When your friend gets into a argument but only tells you a constructed version. They won't include all the bad things they have said. Maybe to seem like they're not a bad person... I don't know. It's even worst when you believe them then you go sticking up for them like an idiot

4)Self absorbed human beings.

5)I dislike snobby people. "I spent £70 on this Abercrombie & Fitch trackie, to show people I can afford it" guys that is a real quote that someone said to me. I hate people with this mentality. It's always funny watching these types of people repeatedly wear their SAME designers goods to prove to the world they can afford it. so lame.

6)I hate judgmental people - I DON'T KNOW HOW PEOPLE HAVE TIME TO JUDGE EVERYONE ALL DAY LONG. Bitchy like we're in Mean Girls. "she's fat" or "her skin is disgusting" or "how butters is her shoes". It's so irritating to hear and being friends with people like this can make you feel subconscious (luckily I'm not). But evidently someone who judges a lot is obviously not pleased with themselves. To be honest as a girls we bitch. But doing it always is so negative and annoying! The most boring people are bitches, I must say. I genuinely think everyone is beautiful in their own way. Lame, I know.

7)When people are not close with their siblings. I love my brothers a lot. As much as they annoy me and ask me sh*t loads of questions but it truly does make me sad when people say they're not close with their siblings or don't talk to them. It makes me appreciate my brothers more. Even though I cried an ocean when my youngest brother was born I wanted a sister so bad.

8)Clubbing - I do like clubbing with my friends. The thing I hate the most is when people assume you are going clubbing to find someone. Argh. I hate when boys (I don't want to stereotype)but it's always black boys. They will just grab ANYONE from behind and dance with them. I hope one day they do this and see that it's a gay man ha.

9)Fans - People who love an unknown artist then when this artist starts becoming mainstream, these so called fans will hate on everyone who didn't know the artist before they became popular. You'd think they would be happy for their favourite artist right?

10)I hate that I take films too seriously. I watched The Dark Knight Rises and it REALLY grinds my gears that Batman and Bruce Wayne were away for 8 years AT THE SAME time then they both return at the same time... Why didn't anyone in clock in the film.

I could go on but the sun is up so I'm going to sleep. I will do a things I like/love and why when I'm in a happier mood :)

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