Never positives. Always negatives.

So I’m on twitter and there are a lot of people slagging off Beyoncé. SIGH! “Beyoncé is not the best” “She’s not even that pretty” “she’s average”.This is what I saw as I scrolled down my timeline. I hate this generation.Never positives.Always negatives.(Let’s ignore her newest song, as I’m waiting for her to explain herself on that one lol)

She is an amazing role model for all women (and MEN!) “who run the world”?! sorry look at her body! she has revealed she is not naturally slim to Shape Magazine but she WORKS hard for her body type and unlike many young women in the public eye she’s not thin.twig thin. She’s lovely and curvy. If I have a daughter I want her to look up Beyoncé not Kate moss.

I’m just angry. Why can’t people admit she’s an amazing performer?! who else can sing dance ENTERTAIN at the same time? I went on a jog with my brother today and struggled to speak to him at the same time … please please can we just appreciate Beyoncé. That amazing woman or maybe I’m too bias as I am a fan. AND ALSO people saying “you’re not a true Beyoncé fan if you haven’t seen her live”. SiGH. Do you know how hard … the struggle .. let me just end it here. Beyoncé’s documentary “Life Is But a Dream” is on BBC 1 10pm.

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