There has been some much hype over the new Skyfall film, OBVIOUSLY. Even though the film released on October 26, I only got round to watching it on Wednesday (orange weds of course, student life). Admittingly, it was the FIRST ever Bond film I have seen and IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! So good I am considering watching all 22 of the previous films. Until I watched Skyfall I honestly did not know anything about Daniel Craig other than girls my age found him attractive. As James Bond, Craig gave a brilliant performance; I can officially say that he is ONE OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. Dude was in near death situation and he was fixing his suit?!whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. so cool. I was expecting to see a lame villain who wants to rob a bank blah blah blah! But Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva was crazily good as the villain, I am sure he will win a Golden Globe Award or something along them lines. He must be the first gay baddie. Bardem was hilarious; at first I thought he was David Walliams! Villain Silva was a flamboyant character, blasting music from a helicopter as an entrance is an example of he’s hysterical antics. He reminds me of Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight (2008).
James Bond played by Daniel Craig.
Speaking of Batman, Skyfall did remind me of Batman; Bond’s gamekeeper of Skyfall estate Albert Finney is comparable to Alfred Pennyworth (butler) in Batman. James Bond’s whole childhood upbringing, the loss of his parents and Bond being popular with the ladies is quite similar to Batman. I’m not saying they have copied each other or anything (don’t attack me lol) also I haven’t seen a Bond film before so I’m probably chatting crap. Oh! And as for the Bond girls! So gorgeous.
My friends and I walked out of the cinema acting like MI6 agents that how good Daniel Craig’s performance was or maybe we are just goons hummmmm lol. I would recommend this film! It’s up there alongside with The Dark Knight Rises for me for best film of the year, although I have not seen Breaking Dawn part 2 yet (don’t judge me lol). I pretty much agree with ’s review.

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