Give a little this Christmas!

The students from Brunel University send out Christmas gifts to under privilege children. Student and student mentors worked alongside Mustard Seed Relief Mission (MSRM) charity. ‘Love in a Box’ is one of MSRM’s best known activities where individuals, schools, churches and other organisations collect and pack items into shoeboxes for MSRM to send to under privilege children throughout Eastern Europe. The charity sends out an average 50,000 boxes every Christmas.

Juliette Smith, 18 from flat 72 said: “Love in a Box is an awesome idea, everyone deserves a present on Christmas and also buying the items from the box was fun! We hope the child that receives our box is satisfied.”

Anisa Louisy, 18 from flat 72 said: “We honestly could not stop buying presents! I love buying for others especially for a cause like this. It is a bit sad that some people won’t be receiving presents this Christmas.”
‘Love in a Box’ from flat 72

Students from flat 72 donations
Lisa Smart Director of Mustard Seed said: “My main focus for 2011 has been to develop the charity and look ahead to the future. I am proud to report that the ever so popular Love in a Box project is continuing to bring such joy to everyone who is involved. I also know how much the children appreciate the efforts of everyone who works so hard to keep the magic alive.”
If you want to join in, visit you can download a leaflet and follow the steps. A donation of £2.50 per pox is required and that goes towards transportation fee. Students from Brunel can still contribute, deadlines close Thursday at 9pm.
If you have any suggestions for helping under privileged children or raising money for charity; contact Brunel’s own charity (RAG) raising and giving or Call them on: 07989779787

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